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The NX Industrial Design and Styling webinar has been successfully completed.

Updated: Jul 1

This webinar will discuss the capabilities of NX Software in the field of Industrial Design and Styling. Concept design or industrial design/styling activities require specialized tools that differ from the common CAD solutions. The correct method for handling complex surfaces is subdivision modeling. Subdivision modeling in NX is covered by a sub-application called NX Realize Shape. NX Realize Shape is equipped with several special commands that differ from basic modeling methods and are specifically designed for subdivision modeling.

The speed comparison of NX Realize Shape with traditional modeling methods can reach up to 10 times faster. In creating subdivision modeling, we hardly need any sketches at all. Furthermore, when creating surfaces using NX Realize Shape, users do not need to worry about the "smoothness" of each surface connection; it can all be adjusted automatically.

Another topic that will be covered in this webinar is NX Algorithmic Modeling. NX Algorithmic Modeling is one of the latest features in NX 1953 that functions to create complex patterns using logical rules. By using NX Algorithmic Modeling, users can create complex patterns with specific designs very quickly and using only one feature. Usually, creating complex patterns like wire mesh with specific designs usually requires dozens of features.

The final topic to be discussed is NX Visualization. In NX version 1953 and above, NX's capabilities in rendering or visualization have significantly improved from previous versions. For materials alone, there are almost 1000 options available. Moreover, we can create high-quality video renderings by combining NX Render and NX Animation Designer. Several tricks for creating high-quality renderings will also be shown in this webinar.

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