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Financial Report

The paperless solution for reporting with iPad, iPhone, and Windows tablet.

What is i-Reporter?

i-Reporter is the paperless solution for on-the-spot records, reporting, and browsing with iPad, iPhone, and Windows tablets.

Digitalize old paper workflow to improve work efficiency, speed, operation quality, and cost reduction.

5 Main Features & Functions of i-Reporter

Use Existing  Paper Form

Users can use the existing paper form without any changes and moved it directly into an electronic form for an iPad or a Windows tablet.
Users can move to digitalization and paperless system without losing the advantage of handwriting documents.

Native App

i-Reporter is a Native Application for iOS/Windows, it's a very smooth operation and available to use under the off-line circumstance.
Users can prevent input mistakes or omissions using Input settings.

Link with External System

Web API module for coordination with external system.

User can get information from i-Reporter system and link into external system.

Document Management

With the management function, users can browsing and view the reference documents such as PDF, EXCEL, WORD, Picture, HTML document, Movie, and 3D model. No more carrying around heavy paperwork

QR Code Generation

Generate a QR code using the cluster values.

QR code can be generated and displayed into an image cluster.

i-reporter Free 30 day trial
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i-Reporter Free 30-day trial

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